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  • BVMJets.com
    Established in 1981, BVM has emerged as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of radio controlled jet model airplanes. Founder and president, Bob Violett, a former U.S. Navy Jet Carrier pilot, commercial airline pilot and 45-year veteran of radio controlled flying, has drawn on this knowledge and experience to develop the unparalleled BVM jet kits and accessory product lines.

  • JetCatUSA.com
    For the past 12 years Bob Wilcox has driven JetCat USA to a leadership position in the micro turbine engine industry. His knowledge, support, and service have established a reputation that is known across the America’s and surrounding countries.

  • Aero-Accessories.com
    Aero Accessories, Ltd. is a U.S. supplier of Scale Model Radio Controlled Aircraft components and kits.

  • FrankTiano.com
    Frank Tiano Enterprises provides Zap Glue, Bondini Adhesives, Monster Planes, and is the event headquarters for Florida Jets.

  • TamJets.com


  • FliteMetal.com
    Flite-Metal is the self adhesive aluminum covering system designed to give your scale model the authentic natural aluminum appearance of a full size aircraft.

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