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Here are a few of our customers and some of the "Great"
looking planes they were able to create using Pro-Mark Graphics.

Bob Fiorenze with his F-14 at Last Years AMA Nats. Bob is also a Pro-Mark Customer.

George Hunter has already completed the maiden flights on his Tomahawk-Design L-39 and is
ready for Top Gun. George's unique paint scheme is topped off with markings from Pro-Mark.

On the left Eudardo Esteviz with his CARF P-47, and on the right is Denny Deweese with
his FW-190. Both planes are beautifully built and painted, with plenty of scale details and
fantastic craftsmanship and of course Eudardo and Denny are Pro-Mark customers!

Bill "Doc" McCallie from Tampa with his beautiful CARF P47 "Hairless Joe".
Doc uses Pro-Mark MCSL vinyl graphics.

This beautiful T-34-C won the Nat's for Mike Barbee.
Thanks to his great scale building, craftsmanship, and attention
to details ability. Mike also uses Pro-Mark paint masks and dry transfers.

Brian O'Mera, hosts Warbirds Over The Rockies and likes big aircraft.
His latest beauty is a RCSAC P-47 that sports a 143" wingspan, uses a ZDZ 420cc
Quad engine and swings a 38 x 18 prop. Brian also likes Pro-Mark Graphics.

Brian O'Mera pictured with his and Ryan Haldenwanger's pair of great looking ME-262's.
Both used Pro-Mark's paint masks to help complete their finishing details.

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